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Ladder Logic

Equivalent Logic in PLC Programming
If you understand basic electrical diagrams, it is much easier to understand ladder… [Read more]

RSLogix 500 Addressing in an Allen-Bradley PLC There are a number of addressing schemes used by PLC manufacturers. Let’s take… [Read more]

RSLogix 5000 “Serial” Logic RSLogix 5000 allows the use of “serial” logic that does not conform to traditional… [Read more]

Setting up the Analog Input Card in RSLogix 5000 Let’s assume that the output of our scales has been calibrated for 0-10 VDC…. [Read more]

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PLC Programming

Addressing in RSLogix 5000 Before you can program any PLC system, you have to understand how the addressing… [Read more]

Connecting to an Allen-Bradley SLC and Going Online I get a lot of questions about going online with a PLC. Here is a section from PLC… [Read more]

Setting up an SCP in RSLogix 500 The SCP (Scale with Parameters) is a really handy instruction in RSLogix 500. It scales… [Read more]

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General Troubleshooting Tips

Gathering accurate information is an important aspect of troubleshooting. However well meaning, some of the people you deal with will not provide accurate information.

This may seem like stating the obvious, but always try to… [Read more]

Know How to Get Back to Where You Started

Making a given modification may be simple. Remembering what you have changed, and how to restore the PLC to its original state may not be so simple.
This is a trap that many programmers fall into. . .  [Read more]

Troubleshooting – Make Sure You Have a Clear Goal and a Concise Plan

Successful troubleshooting isn’t always about knowing the detailed specifications of a device, or understanding the nuances of a particular PLC.
Sometimes, it is simply about being able to see the big picture . . . [Read more]


Troubleshooting A PLC With RSLogix 5000

Excerpted from How To Troubleshoot With A PLC
Let’s consider a batching system just like the one we worked on earlier, except that the PLC is an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix. The software we use to program a ControlLogix PLC is Rockwell’s RSLogix 5000.

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